Flat Roofing

A flat roof, as its name suggests, is nearly horizontal roofing, an extremely low sloped. Flat roofs are generally easier and quicker for a carpenter to build and use fewer roofing materials, which could potentially save a lot of money. The biggest problem with flat roofs is their tendency to cause leaks. The good news is that there are new flat roofing materials available which change all of that. Flat roofing systems were typically made from asphalt, tar and gravel. Recently tar and gravel materials are becoming less popular. These roofs can be extremely sensitive to human traffic or weather and since newer, more advanced materials are available, people tend to choose them more and more often.

Our company installs following flat roofing systems:

Build-Up Roofing

A built-up roofA Built-Up roof is composed of asphalt or tar, felt and surfacing. The felts which are made from glass, organic or polyester fibers are used as reinforcement to resist the extreme pulling forces in the roofing material. Felts installed in layer fashion also allow more bitumen to be applied to the whole system. Bitumen, asphalt or coal-tar are used to bond the layers of felt together. This is also a waterproofing material in the system. The surfacings applied to the Buiit-Up roofing system are mostly smooth coatings and gravel. Slag and mineral coated cap sheets are also used. The surfacing serves as a protection against wearing and mechanical damage of roofing membrane.

These flat roofs however have a tendency to crack or puncture, causing leaks and water damage. It is substantial for the flat roof performance that the water is able to run-off freely from a very slight inclinations. In colder climates ice dams form easily on tar and gravel, blocking the flow of water. This is why nowadays customers more often choose more technologically advanced flat roofing materials.

Modified Bitumen Roofing System

A roofer installing the Bitumen Roofing SystemThe Modified Bitumen roofing system is being installed in US since early seventies. This is bitumen based product but to improve the flat roof performance plastic or rubber based polymeric binder was added. Several coats of laminations of modified bitumen are reinforced with a woven glass or polyester fabric reinforcing mat, which is mostly covered with a granule-surface cap sheet or left smooth for a liquid coating to be applied. This roofing system is much easier to be applied than Built-Up roofs. Also, the membrane is more resistant to traffic, punctures and tears. The weakness of this product is that it mostly needs to be torch applied, which is not rarely a cause of fire damage to the property. It is of most importance to employ very experienced, insured and licensed roofing applicator to install a Modified Bitumen roof. Also, however Modified Bitumen is more resistant to cracking than Built-Up roof there are still more durable roofing products available now.

EPDM Single-Ply Membrane (Rubber Roof)

PDM Single-Ply Membrane (Rubber Roof)This thermo set membrane is often called a Rubber Roof since it is compounded from rubber-polymer. Main advantages of this product are: long term weatherability, including excellent resistance to temperature extremes, sunlight, ozone, and moisture, ease, speed and safety of installation. It is also very adaptable roofing material. Thanks to the wide range of application techniques such as ballasted, fully adhered, and mechanically fastened this product can be installed on virtually any roof surface: flat, spherical, curved or slanted. Even though the product has been used since early 1970�s it started to be recognized widely as a preferred alternative to bitumen roofs in nineties. This is due mainly to increasing costs of asphalt based products.

Thermoplastic PVC and TPO Single Ply Roofing Membranes

TPO Single Ply Roofing MembraneThermoplastic singly ply membranes are revolutionizing the commercial and industrial roofing industry. It started also to be a preferred flat roofing alternative for more and more residential customers. These roofing systems represent the fastest growing segment of the U.S. roofing market now.

The PVC Polyvinyl Chloride is a reinforced membrane with strong solvent or hot air welded seams. This is a very durable and dimensionally stable product. There are many recognized brands of PVC membranes offering warranties for their products ranging between 10 years and Lifetime. IB PVC membrane is the only known flat roofing product offering a lifetime warranty for residential customers. It is extremely durable product offered in a range of colors adding much of aesthetical value to a property with a flat roof.

TPO Thermoplastic Polyolefin is a next generation flat roofing product combining the hot air welding method of PVC with the greater flexibility and weatherability benefits of EPDM. Both PVC and TPO are aesthetically pleasing, lightweight, highly reflective and tear resistant products. They also offer excellent fire resistance.

Roof Insulation

The main purpose of roof insulation is to provide thermal resistance. Because the roof is one of the largest surface areas of a building envelope interior heat escapes through it. Proper roof insulation should serve several vital purposes. It can reduce heating and cooling costs. It keeps inside building temperature at more constant, comfortable level. It reduces the potential for condensation leaks on interior surfaces. It can provide fire resistance for some low slope roof assemblies. It provides relatively smooth substrate of the roof. It can protect the membrane in protected membrane roofing systems. Tapered insulation can be used to provide slope for positive drainage where deck does not. Use of roof insulation should be seriously considered especially on the low slope roof assemblies. It is not uncommon that roofing membrane is being installed without any or proper roof insulation, mainly to lower the costs of the project. This too often causes serious issues within the building which can lead to a need of a roof system replacement.

Best-4-U Inc is proud to be an experienced installer of traditional, as well as new highly technically advanced flat roofing systems.

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