a home with slate roof

Real And Synthetic Slate

Synthetic, plastic and rubber roofs are simply wonderful. Many homeowners desire to have a real, stone roof over their heads for their beauty and value. Unfortunately, their high price and heavy weight which often requires additional structural support put the stone slates out of their reach. Today’s plastic or rubber slates look exactly like real slate, come most often with 50 year/ lifetime warranties, are lightweight, and installation takes much less time. Their great advantage lays also in the wide variety of brands, colors and shapes. You can do beautiful, distinctive and colorful things with synthetic slate.


Stone slates roofs are considered to be the world’s finest roofs. They have a track record that goes thousands of years, spans the entire world, and lasts for centuries. They are fireproof, natural and beautiful. These are simple roofs made of rock over roof ingeniously successful. The slate roofs originated in Europe. They are valued there enough that are still in good repair after several centuries. They are valued so much that some European laws prevent people from replacing slate roofs with cheaper substitutes. If nothing else, just the fact that a great number of European churches and castles are covered with slate gives the slate the best references.

You need to hire a real responsible roofing crew to install your slate roof since there is so much that they need to know about the material they are about to install. Bad installs are the main reason of the slate roof failure.

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