Tile Roofing

To distinguish your roof from the roofs of your neighbors as well as to achieve this beautiful Mediterranean effect you might be considering installation of roof tiles.

You have three ways to go:

  • Choose clay or concrete tiles
  • Choose synthetic (plastic or rubber) tiles
  • Choose metal tiles – which are described under the Metal Roofing section.

Clay or concrete tiles

Clay and concrete tiles are very popular in the southern states but not so popular in our area. Why is that so? High moisture absorption of concrete or clay tiles leads to mold, breakage in case of freeze and salt intrusion. This makes most of clay and concrete tiles not suitable for cold climates unless they are Graded 1. The homeowner needs to be very careful when choosing a tile product. The important factor to consider is also the structural requirements for tile roofs. Please remember that tiles are very heavy and most buildings in our neighborhood are not able to withstand their weight.

The advantages of tile roofs are vast. They are long-lasting; some brands have a lifespan of over 100 years. They are recyclable. They are naturally energy efficient and some brands have “cool roof rating”. They are made from natural materials. And they are simply gorgeous.

Synthetic tiles

Synthetic, plastic and rubber roofs are simply wonderful. Many homeowners desire to have a real, clay tile roof over their heads for their beauty and value. Unfortunately, their high price and heavy weight makes them not always the best choice. Today’s synthetic tiles look exactly like clay or concrete tiles, come most often with 50 year/ lifetime warranties, are lightweight, and installation takes much less time. Their great advantage lays also in the wide variety of brands, colors and shapes. You can do a beautiful, distinctive roof with synthetic tiles.

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