3 Elements of a Good Roofing Estimate

A roofing estimate is something that should come before you sign with any roofing company. It’s at no cost to you, and should give you an approximate idea of the cost and time that your roofing project will take overall. But you might wonder as you go over the elements of your roofing estimate, how to judge whether it’s a good deal or not. There are a few signs that point to a strong roofing estimate, and the better you know them, the more informed your choice will be.

License and Insurance

Every roofer in Chicago must be licensed in order to do their jobs, so your roofer should be able to easily present proof of their license if requested. It’s also good to see proof of insurance. While insurance might not be mandatory, it’s important to the peace of mind of the homeowner. An insured roofer means that if any property damage or injury happens on the job, the homeowner won’t be held liable. The roofer’s insurance will cover any damage so the job can continue without stress.

A Thorough Breakdown

An estimate should do more than simply tell you how much your roofing project will cost. It should tell you why it will cost that much. It should break down the cost of the materials, labor, and anything else that might apply. A good roofer will also know to leave room for any unexpected costs, so as not to surprise the homeowner when it comes time for the job. The warranty for the roof materials and labor should also be expressed.

Respect For You

Finally, any estimate that comes with sales pressures that seem almost threatening is a bad roofing quote. Some roofers will pressure homeowners to make a decision right away, to choose a particular kind of roofing material, or may be asked to put down a large deposit. At Best 4 U Roofing, we’ll never resort to high pressure sales tactics. We provide a firm quote with all the information you need, but without overwhelming you. Then we’ll step back and let you make your own decision. We stand by our products and services, but if you decide that we’re not best for you, that’s your call.

Best 4 U Roofing strives to provide a roofing estimate that’s helpful without adding pressure onto your plate. For more information or a free quote, contact us today.