Create a Beautiful Roof With Shingle Patterns

Choosing a roof and siding for your home in Prospect Heights, IL is a fun and exciting process with lots of decisions to be made. There are so many wonderful roofing options available such as metal, tile, or shingle roofs and you will be given a vast array of color choices to pick from as well.

Throughout the history of shingles, the patterns, textures, and colors have gradually changed and evolved. Today, there are dozens of color choices. While choosing the roofing material and color are often the priority in your new roofing adventure, there is one choice that is often given little consideration, but can make just as big an impact in the appearance of your home.

Shingle Patterns

A century ago, shingles were laid singly which afforded the installer a greater range of creativity. You would often see a decorative line of shingles somewhere in the pattern that added a stunning visual effect to the entire roof. This line would be scalloped or different-shaped shingles amongst a sea of similar shingles.

Because every other shingle on the roof was meant to be identical in shape, color, and size, shingle installation was very unforgiving. Even the slightest variation in a single shingle could interrupt the entire pattern causing the whole roof to look “off”. This was usually caused by a defective shingle made incorrectly by the manufacturer and not by improper installation. If one shingle was thicker, wider, or narrower by even a few millimeters, the beautifully uniform roofing design was interrupted and the result was less than appealing.

Manufacturers realized that shingles of varying shades of color often produced the most beautiful roofs. They began applying shingles in random patterns throughout the roof. This worked most of the time but still, you might find a roof with a pattern that ended up looking like a checkerboard.

Shingle Pattern Improvements

This led manufacturers to develop shingles that were applied in rows. Today, three tab shingles are commonly used. They are attached together in a row, which allows for more even lines. The problem with this approach is that each brand of shingles comes with its own specific instructions for installation. If installed properly, your shingles will create a pattern that cannot be detected and is most visually appealing.

Choosing a Shingle Pattern

Today, choosing your shingle pattern can make just as much of a difference in the look of your home as the color and style of shingles you choose. Shades of the same color or different colors completely are strategically intertwined to create gorgeous effects that can make your home stand out among your neighbors and still fit in very nicely with the surrounding homes in the neighborhood as well.

Installation is Key

When choosing your roofing and siding in Prospect Heights, IL, talk to your contractor about shingle pattern options for your home. They will be able to show you samples of shingle patterns that will make your home stand out and also blend in perfectly with your neighbors. The expert contractors at Best-4-U Roofing can install shingle roofing in a variety of pleasing patterns to suit your style. We offer reasonable rates and high-quality materials. Give us a call today for your free consultation.